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Classroom Activities

Get your students acting, dancing, writing poetry and much more!

Purchase your activities bundles here and gain access to your own library of downloadable pdfs. 


For over 20 years, Project SUCCESS has employed hundreds of activities to challenge students to work together, ask questions and develop skills for future success. Addressing a wide range of learning styles and perspectives, these activities provide any educator with the tools necessary to help their students support each other and develop the skills they need to dream with their eyes open. 

Tap into this growing list of activities and tools with the Project SUCCESS Activities Catalog. Incorporate social emotional skills development into the classroom with a variety of fun, exciting and unique activities. Complete with hands-on instruction, these 40 activities can be downloaded and easily adapted to any classroom, enabling educators to infuse fun and engaging ideas into the classroom. 

A Glimpse Inside

In this catalog, you will find activities that help your students:

  • work together to create one-minute plays about surviving high school
  • physically support each other while expressing themselves through dance
  • expand their idea of future college and career options
  • decorate their dream paper airplane with their future goals
  • and many more dynamic, interactive, creative, outcome-oriented games and exercises for your students

Full Activities Catalog

  • Wide variety of creative, fun and dynamic activities
  • Includes 40 activities that are easy to download
  • Sample Pack activities are included in this catalog
  • Get your students on their feet with these fun, engaging, easy-to-implement workshops
  • Price: $90

Activities Sample Pack

  • Includes 5 activities from the catalog
  • An affordable way to try out our activities
  • Get your students on their feet with these fun, engaging, easy-to-implement workshops
  • Price: $10

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Curriculum Certification

Become certified in this highly effective, multifaceted curriculum geared towards developing the skills necessary for students to achieve success, both in school and beyond. This certification process will give participants all the tools necessary to implement the middle school and/or the high school curriculum.

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